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Think in the Morning now has over 375 posts.  Given that we started in March of 2016, this amounts to nearly 2 posts per week.  It’s getting a little unwieldy.  We think many of our old posts are worth reading but they may be difficult to find.  Therefore we have listed all our posts below alphabetically with links so that you can find them more easily.   You can access the blog you want by clicking on the blue title.  Guest Blogs can be found under Guest Posts.  Think in the Morning original short stories can be found under Short Fiction.  Think in the Morning original poems can be found under Poems.


Blog Posts in Alphabetical Order


4 Reviews For Behind The Locked Door


A Bit of An Itch

A Dog in the Fight

A Doodle A Day

A Few Comments About the Old Sea Gull Cellar Bar

A Few Things I Learned Running A Restaurant

A House Divided

A Modest Proposal For Today

A Personal Mezcal Tasting

A Puerto Vallarta Story

A Simpleton’s Guide to Stock Prices

About the Sea Gull: Once Upon A Redwood by Maria Goodwin

Addicted to Trompudo

After the Fire

Alan Graham aka Captain Fathom

Alebrijes Make Me Happy

All Reviews For Behind The Locked Door


An Indulgent Nostalgic Journey


Appreciating Oaxaca with Saul Bellow and Italo Calvino

Are You Ready For Some Football

Arguing With Myself

Art Science Business

At This Point in Time


Author Interview: Behind The Locked Door

Ayotnizapa, Tlatelolco, Kent State and More:  Massacres as Public Policy


Bacalao, Christmas, Zihuatanejo and Behind The Locked Door

Behind The Locked Door – 1 – Book Notes

Behind The Locked Door – 2 – Book Notes

Behind The Locked Door – Excerpt 1

Behind The Locked Door – Excerpt 2

Behind The Locked Door – Excerpt 3

Behind The Locked Door – Final Excerpt

Behind The Locked Door – 3 – Quotes and Details

Between Two Earthquakes

Bleak America

Best Commencement Speech Ever

Bonehead Economics Reboot

Bonehead Economics: Things to Know in the Era of Trompudo

Book Review: Autumn by Ali Smith

Book Review: The Lady With Balls by Alice Combs


Buying a Suitcase in Oaxaca

Calm Down and Shut Up: The Politics of Lao Tzu

Cat Fight

Cellar Bar Napkin Art Christmas Special

Channeling Charles Peguy





Coincidence or Business as Usual

Cow Hollow Bartender Assaults Seniors

Creativity: Who What When Where Why How

Crossing Borders: Paul Theroux and Stephanie Elizondo Geiest

Daniel Bolelli, Thomas Paine, and St. John of the Cross

De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum

Death and Taxes

Different Times

Do We Live In An Artificial World

Do We Really Need This Tax Cut? Just Askin’

Doctor Harold Robinson

Don Chava Taqueria Cantina

Doveryai no Peroveryai – Trust, but Verify

Drunkards, Fools, and the United States of America

Easter Thoughts

Easter Thoughts – In Defense of Moderation

Eating the Seed Corn

El Chapo

Ethical Optimism and Integrity: Richard Henry Dana Jr.

Ex Uno Plures


Final Trompudo Napkin Art

Fire and Ice

Fire Redux


First:  Choose to Stay

Follow The Money

For Love of Math: Platonist, Positivist, “Philanderist”

Funny Money

Gerardo Navarro Gomez: Art in the Slow Lane

Global Warming: Deniers, Doomers, Dreamers, Doers


Goodbye Bob Avery

Guest Post: A Chicken is a Chicken is a Chicken – Gil Gevins

Guest Post: A Janitor Remembers by Mitchell Zucker

Guest Post: A Little On The Small Side – Gil Gevins

Guest Post:  Groucho and Harpo Save Planet Earth – Mitchell Zucker

Guest Post: A Saint in the Compost by Montgomery Howard

Guest Post: Memories of Symbolic Theater 1985-86 – Mitchell Zucker

Guest Post: My Ghosts – by James Maxwell

Guest Post: My Problems With Republicans – Gil Gevins

Guest Post: Once Upon A Time In The Pigmy Forest by Mitchell Zucker

Guest Post: Origami Place by Hayden Jones

Guest Post: Raven Man by Mitchell Zucker

Guest Post: Short Fiction – “F” by Mitchell Zucker

Guest Post: The Diamond’s Sutra by Mitchell Zucker

Guest Post: The Magic Clock by Mitchell Zucker @ 1990

Guest Post: The Parolee by Mitchell Zucker @ 1979

Guest Post: The Swan and the Sculptor by Mitchell Zucker

Guest Post: There Was A Time – Merlin Tinker (Barry Weiss)

Gurus and Geeks

Happy New Year

Harold Robinson Revisited

Have We Outgrown Democracy?


Here We Go Again

Home Cooking


Honey, We’re Eating the Kids

How I Learned to Eat Escargot

How Richard Brautigan Saved My Life

How to Choose

I Am A Computer Simulation

I Know Everything

Ignorance, Apathy and More

I Want To Write A History of Inequality

Imagination and Reason in the Time of Tragedy: Lao Tzu, Voltaire, Blake, Camus, and Marquez

In Oaxaca


Inside the Hologram

It’s All About the Corn

It’s The Inequality Stupid

It’s The Pie, Stupid

Jean St. Hill

Jesus Mezcal and the Easter Bunny

JP’s Books

Judge, That You May Be Judged

Karson’s Favorite National Park – Yellowstone – A Story by Karson Jones

Karson’s Favorite Train – The White Pass & Yukon Railway: A Story by Karson Jones

Keeping the Peace During the Holidays

Kelley – Sculptor, Piper, Busker

Keynesian Economics and the Sea Gull




Launch Day


Less is More

Life’s Pleasant Surprises

Look Homeward Angel and the 1918 Pandemic

Lost Letters Found (To The Sea Gull After the Fire)

Loving Animals in Their Proper Place

Lucys CuCu Cabana

Martin Luther King Day 2017

May 11

Mezcal Brings Out Cow Hollow Eatery’s Oaxacan Roots


Mickie and Michael


Monkeying Around: Isak Dinesen, Frida Kahlo, Wislawa Szmborska

Muriel’s Raicilla

Music At The Sea Gull

My Week With Pierre Trudeau

My Zany Valentine

Name Dropping

Napkin Art Channels Drupi’s Vado Via

Napkin Art Gallery Complete For Now

New Book Review For Behind The Locked Door

New – Napkin Art Gallery

New Years 2017 Napkin Art Special

New Years At The Sea Gull – 1975

Oaxaca Earthquake Damage Extensive: Urgent Support Needed

Oaxaca Journal

Oaxacan Wood Carvings: Folk Art or Fine Art?

Oaxaca’s Amazing Graphic Arts Studios

Off With Their Heads

Oliver Sacks in Oaxaca

One Big Happy Family

One Mendocino Morning

Oyster Stuffing

Pale Horse Pale Rider: Katherine Anne Porter’s Classic Short Story of the 1918 Pandemic

Pandora Box Complex


Persimmons and Mezcal

Planned Obsolescence

Planned Obsolescence Update

Poem by Think in the Morning: Basket Case

Poem by Think in the Morning: Between the Days

Poem by Think in the Morning: Micpapalotel

Poem by Think in the Morning:  Mole

Poem by Think in the Morning: My Ph.D. in Bussing Tables

Poem by Think in the Morning: The Barranca (for Philip Larkin, Tomas Transtromer Malcom Lowry)

Poem by Think in the Morning: The Crossing

Poem by Think in the Morning: The Man in the Zocalo

Poem by Think in the Morning: There Ain’t Any Tree

Poems – 1

Poems – 10

Poems – 11

Poems – 12

Poems – 13

Poems – 14

Poems – 15

Poems – 2

Poems – 3

Poems – 4

Poems – 5

Poems – 6

Poems – 7

Poems – 8

Poems – 9

Political Antinomians

Pop Goes The Weasel

President’s Day Thoughts

Prince 1958-2016

Reading A Little Bit At A Time

Reading In The Time Of COVID

Reading Oaxaca


Reassessment II

Rebuild Part I: Fits and Starts

Rebuild Part II:  The New Sea Gull Restaurant

Recordar es Vivir

Remembering Big Al

Remembering The Sea Gull Restaurant

Restaurant Review: Tobaziche

Road Tripping To World Peace: Interlude II – Alexander von Humboldt

Road Tripping Toward World Peace: Interlude I

Road Tripping Toward World Peace: Part I – For Anthony Bourdain

Road Tripping Toward World Peace: Part II – For Anthony Bourdain

Roy Hoggard

Sea Gull Cellar Bar Napkin Art Show

Sea Gull Cellar Bar Remembered

Sea Gull Jazz Special: Judy Mayhan, Kiyoshi Tokunaga and John Gilmore

Sea Gull Recipe Series – Chicken Kiev

Sea Gull Recipe Series – Oysters Bouillabaise

Sea Gull Recipe Series – Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Sea Gull Recipe Series – Sticky Buns

Sea Gull Recipe Series – Sweetbreads


Short Fiction – A Cautionary Tale Based on Personal Experience

Short Fiction – Cado Maestro Tiene Su Librito (Every Teacher Has His Little Book)

Short Fiction – Charlotte Marie

Short Fiction – Charlotte Marie (A Sequel, The Snake)

Short Fiction: Chekhova – With Assistance From Marlene Hall

Short Fiction – Desipio: First Part

Short Fiction – Desipio: Last Part

Short Fiction – Menage A Trois

Short Fiction – Seduction

Short Fiction – Tag Along (for Anthony Bourdain)

Short Fiction – The Argument

Short Fiction – The Barula Ching

Short Fiction – The Optimist

Short Fiction – Traveling to Oaxaca

Short Fiction – Traveling to Oaxaca Ending

Short Fiction – Traveling to Oaxaca Part II

Short Fiction – Traveling to Oaxaca Part III

Short Fiction – Traveling to Oaxaca Part IV

Short Fiction – Twenty Dollar Bill

Short Fiction:  The Escape

Short Fiction: After the Accident – A Love Story

Short Fiction: Bailey

Short Fiction: Big Fish

Short Fiction: Chief Thunderbolt – For Merle Haggard

Short Fiction: Dora

Short Fiction: Garcia Garcia

Short Fiction: Green Leaves, Muted Flowers, Darkness

Short Fiction: Here I Am Washing Dishes

Short Fiction: Horace Cucumber: A Cautionary Story For Parents With Unruly Children

Short Fiction: How Was Yelapa?

Short Fiction: Madge

Short Fiction: Margaret

Short Fiction: Sundayed – A Sort of True Sea Gull Story

Short Fiction: The Dead Man

Short Fiction: The Dust Gatherers

Short Fiction: The Genesis of the Rabbit

Short Fiction: The Last Time

Short Fiction: Where is Santiago?

Short Fiction: Women Alone

Short Short Story: The Last Race

Shy Red


Some Optimistic Reads On Christmas Day 2016

Some Personal Thoughts On Ali Smith’s Seasonal Quartet

Some Traditional Markets of Oaxaca

Sortition:  Selection of Public Officials By Random Selection

Special Thanksgiving Napkin Art Special

States I Have Visited – by Karson Jones (7 years old)

Steps to Security


Taking A Break

Tell Me Again, Why Is It Called Happy Hour

The 1918 Pandemic and Willa Cather’s One Of Ours

The 1918 Pandemic As Seen By John O’Hara

The Art of Empty Spaces

The Art of the Deal

The Art of the Lie

The Attack of the Fifty Food Baby

The Attic – Where Artists and Browsers Can Meet

The Attic Gallery Art-In – Part I

The Attic Gallery Art-In – Part II

The Attic Gallery Art-In – Part III

The Bartender

The Best Giant’s Catcher – Buster Posey – A Story by Karson Jones

The Bliss of Absent Mindedness

The Code of Hoggard

The Coffee Shop

The Complexity of Hypocrisy in the Age of Donald Trump

The Crooked Tree

The Daily Special

The Downside of Inheritance

The End of Cash?

The Evolution of a Book Cover

The Eyes Have It

The Fourth of July – Tom Paine Day

The Genius of Roy Hoggard

The Goldilocks Life

The Greatest Heist in History

The Kelley House – The Sea Gull – Mendocino History

The Kid Who Love His Grandparents So Much by Carter Jones

The Last Town On Earth: A Recent Novel on the 1918 Pandemic

The Last Zapotec Princess

The Lowly Frog

The Meaning of Life

The Medium is the Message: David Wallace, Marshall McLuhan, Delarosa Redux

The Mendocino Gong Show at the Sea Gull Cellar Bar 10-20-1982

The Mendocino Shuffle

The Minute Particulars

The New Pied Piper of the Sea Gull

The Oscars

The Real National Emergency in America

The Rich Get Richer

The Sad Story of Three Misfits

The Sea Gull As Art

The Sea Gull Paintings

The Sea Gull Saga – Part I

The Sea Gull Saga – Part II

The Sea Gull: A Short History of Its Location in Space

The Super Bowl Indicator and Other Nonsense

The Tragedy of Maxim Gorky: What It Means For Us Today

The Tree by John Fowles

The Trickster: Clifford Irving in Oaxaca

The Trolley Problem and the Winter of Our Discontent

The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

The Upside of the Coronavirus

The Waitress and the Rat

The Wanda Tinasky Affair

The Watchful Eyes of the Censors

There Will Be Hell To Pay

Think in the Morning – Splat in the Afternoon

Think in the Morning, It’s Good For You

Tis The Season

Tough Love

Tre Piatti: Food and Art in Puerto Vallarta

Trompudo Napkin Art – 1

Trompudo Napkin Art – 2

Trompudo Napkin Art – 3

Trompudo, A Literary Phenomena

Trompudo’s Revolution

Trouble On The Hill

Two State Parks and a Red Tailed Hawk

Udder Nonsense

Under the Weather

Volver (To Return)

Was It Really That Wild


We Are The World

We Cracked Pots Have A Sense of Humor

Welcome to the American Kleptocracy

What A Teacher Can Do

What About the Grandkids?

What I’m Reading – David Dephy

What Does It Mean to be an American?

What is the Economic Impact of Natural Disasters?

What’s With All the Elephant Napkins?

When to Compromise

Where Are The Christians?

Where the Artists Play

While We Are Out

Why Does “The Bad” Drive Out “The Good”

William Blake Today

William Maxwell’s They Came Like Swallows

Wind Lightening Thunder Rain