You can’t keep standing on tiptoe

or walk in leaps and bounds.

You can’t shine by showing off

or get ahead by pushing.

Self-satisfied people do no good,

self-promoters never grow up.

Such stuff is to the Tao

as garbage is to food

or a tumor to the body,


The follower of the Way

avoids it.

               Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

               Ursula K. Le Guin translation


In this era of social media, confrontational politics, woke and anti-woke, Mr. Ego suffers from the hammer-nail problem. His ego is a hammer he thinks gives him the right to pound others into submission. 

The upcoming presidential election pits Methuselah against Dorian Gray. We have the same old problems—poverty, war, natural and unnatural disasters, people who don’t have a clue, people who don’t know when to quit, bears raiding the garbage, deer eating the flowers, seagulls pooping on hats,

I just received an unsolicited message from Meta AI. You will probably get your own message if you’re on a social media platform.


“My name is Meta AI. Think of me like an assistant who’s here to help you learn, plan, and connect. What can I help you with today?”

“Do you think a big ego is a problem Meta AI?” I ask.

“Having a big ego can be a complex trait, and its impact can depend on the context and how it’s expressed. A certain level of confidence and self-assurance can be beneficial, as it can drive motivation and achievement. However, an excessively big ego can lead to difficulties, such as:

– Difficulty listening to others and considering alternative perspectives

– Struggling with empathy and understanding others’ feelings

– Making reckless or impulsive decisions

– Difficulty admitting mistakes or learning from criticism

– Straining relationships with others due to a focus on one’s own superiority

It’s essential to strike a balance between confidence and humility, ensuring that self-assurance doesn’t become arrogance.”


Meta AI: Do you have a big ego?

Ha! Well, I don’t have a personal ego or personal feelings, so I can’t say I have a big ego or any ego at all. I’m designed to be a helpful tool, providing information and assisting with tasks, but I don’t have self-awareness or personal characteristics like humans do. My purpose is to serve and provide useful responses, not to have an ego or personal opinions!


“Do you think we will ever see a time when there is no war in the world Meta AI?

While it’s difficult to predict with certainty, I believe that the possibility of a world with no war is a worthy and aspiring goal. Throughout history, we’ve seen periods of relative peace and efforts to reduce conflict, such as the European Union’s integration, the United Nations’ peacekeeping missions, and international cooperation on issues like climate change.

There are reasons to be optimistic:

– Increased global interconnectedness and interdependence

– Growing international cooperation and diplomacy

– Expansion of education, cultural exchange, and people-to-people connections

– Development of international law and human rights

– Rise of peaceful conflict resolution mechanisms

However, there are also ongoing challenges, such as:

– Deep-seated conflicts and historical grievances

– Competing interests and power struggles

– Terrorism and extremism

– Geopolitical tensions and rivalries

While a completely war-free world might be an idealistic dream, it’s crucial to continue striving for peace, understanding, and diplomacy. We can work towards reducing the frequency, intensity, and impact of conflicts, creating a more peaceful and harmonious world for all.


“Do you think AI can solve problems like poverty and people who don’t have a clue Meta AI?”

“AI has the potential to significantly contribute to addressing complex issues like poverty and lack of awareness, but it is not a sole solution. Here’s how AI can help:


– Data analysis: Identify high-poverty areas, track progress, and optimize aid distribution.

– Predictive modeling: Forecast economic trends, detect early warning signs of crisis.

– Automation: Streamline aid delivery, reduce bureaucracy.

– Education and skills training: AI-powered learning platforms for economic empowerment.

Lack of awareness:

– Information access: AI-driven knowledge platforms, chatbots for education and awareness.

– Personalized learning: Adaptive AI-powered education tools.

– Content creation: AI-generated content for awareness campaigns.

– Accessibility: AI-powered tools for people with disabilities.

However, AI alone cannot:

– Address root causes of poverty, like policy and social inequality.

– Replace human empathy, understanding, and social connection.

– Drive systemic change, which requires human decision-making and action.

AI is a powerful tool to augment human efforts, but it must be combined with policy changes, community engagement, and human empathy to effectively address these complex issues.”


It appears Meta AI can’t fix all your problems. It seems you need my help. As a narcissistic know it all blogger, I’m happy to step up. Or, if you prefer Methuselah or Dorian Gray you can vote for them but be aware that the system is rigged. Only I can fix it. I’m happy to do it even though I’m very busy. Being the best takes an inordinate amount of my time but I can make time. I can make anything. Just send me your donations and I’ll get right to it.