Where the blood red huckleberry grows

Catspaw flounders in the

Forest of the dwarf

Ogre roams and bellows

Down the green tunic

Of the Manzanita

Salal and the

Hundred year old spruce.


Where rivers one inch wide

Disturb the pattern.

Man grub

Grit and drub dung.


Where blasts outrage

The solitary beetle

And spoil the unheard

Moment with

Molten iron balm.


Where the unhappy axe

Rides communion with

The wildwood of the night

And the spade flickers silver

Through the virgin dust,

Digs and splashes fine



I greet this land

Of the whale and wolf

Ten rocks deep

With the spit

Of dead giants

And breathe

The bubbled fog

While burgeoning

Inside the dark womb

Of the last pigmy

Birth miracles

Spawn and splatter

What unknown children

Into this land.