Keep your eye on this space.  We are hoping our novel will be out by year end.  As we wait, we will be posting excerpts, thoughts and pictures.  There are no pictures in the book.  These blogs will provide some additional historical perspective to hopefully induce you to purchase the book.

The novel is a story about my older brother who died of colon cancer at 33. I know, it sounds gruesome, and it is, but it’s also beautiful. I’ve poured my heart and head into every chapter, every word. Cypress House should have the book in my hands by year end. I’ll be peddling the book after that. If you want to reserve a copy, let me know in a comment or an email and I’ll put you on the list.

The next few blogs will be a series of posts on the book.  Stay tuned.

Here I am with my cart ready to peddle the books as soon as I have them.

And, here are some pictures of my brother and me in the small Sacramento town where we were raised.