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Behind The Locked Door is available in Mendocino from Gallery Bookshop, Moore Books, and the Mendocino Public Library; in Fort Bragg from The Bookstore and the Fort Bragg Public Library, in Ukiah from The Mendocino Book Company, in Jacksonville, OR from Rebel Heart Books and from most online sites (Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble) including as an ebook.



One of benefits of writing anything—a blog, a book, an article—is the feedback from readers when you’re lucky enough to get it. That includes reconnecting with old friends and making new ones including other authors.  Since publishing Behind The Locked Door I’ve been fortunate to make those connections but there is something else.


I can’t help but think of Bob Dylan’s comment on life in the Rolling Thunder Revue documentary: “Life isn’t about finding yourself or finding anything, life is about creating yourself.”  Writers are creators but they are more.  They do find things out as will you even if all you write is a letter or an email.  Andrei Sinyavsky thought of his work as letters to the future.  The physicist Richard Feynman called his book about his life experiences The Pleasure of Finding Things Out.  Margaret Atwood called her gem of a book on writing Negotiating With The Dead.  And then, there is Joan Didion who writes: “entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means.  What I want and what I fear.”


Most writers hope they will have readers but would write even if they knew they would not.  I appreciate all of you who read what I write, however little or much. You give me the gift of your time which is precious and for that I thank you.