On The Fourth of July 2021

(Inspired by William Blake, Auguries of Innocence)


The silent journey of fish upstream

Embarks the infant on his dream.


Those whose love the trumpets sing

Are those who have no such thing.


A love that suffers through the blight

Outlasts the passion of the night.


The songbirds singing every morning

Destroy the black-eyed cynic’s warning.


For every color of every flower

A melody rings from natures bower.


The word that strikes the one it loves

Shrivels the hearts of swans and doves.


Those who worry, fret and stew

Will never find a love that’s true.


Rational thought has its place

Though not in Pascal’s secret space.


Socrates knew that he knew nothing

All the wisdom then came rushing.


When five senses catch their fire

No regrets deign conspire.


To see a world in a grain of sand

Is to know true love is close at hand.


The elephant forgets during the night

To make the space for morning light.


The days go by, the years they pass

Let us drink from the golden glass.


Every day a change in the weather

Yet still we sing and love together.


Separate we start, separate we end

But all our lives together we spend.


Heaven’s wild flower attests to the fact

That life as we know it remains intact.


Each time we stop to take our fill

We laugh and mock the grinding mill.


Before and after, they do not matter

Ignore the past and future clatter.


Hold my hand, touch my face

Put every worry in its place.


I’ve nothing more to ask or say

No past no future just today.


Enjoy the moment, that’s your pleasure

Neither moth nor rust destroys your treasure.