Karson Jones is six years old.  This is his first story.


Most people are just average.  Some people are stars.  Buster Posey is a star baseball player.  How did he become a star?

He played a lot of baseball.  He catches a lot.  But, sometimes he needs a break.  We all need a break sometimes.  When Buster takes a break from catching he plays first base or just takes a day off.


Photo by Krissy Jones


In one game a long time ago Buster broke both ankles when a Marlins player, Scott Cousins, ran into him sliding into home plate.  They changed the rules after this happened.  Buster is now a slow runner.  But, he is great batter.

Sometimes Buster gets into a slump.  We all get into a slump once in awhile.  What should you do if you get into a slump?  What does Buster do?

Keep at it.  Eventually things will get better.  You can hit a homerun anytime.  Sometimes even when you are in a slump.  A homerun is usually a big happy surprise.


Photo from San Francisco Giants True Fans


One thing Buster learned is not to argue with the umpire.  You have a better chance to get what you want if you don’t argue.  Buster learned this when Bryce Harper charged Hunter Strickland and they got into a fight.  Buster stayed out of it.  The next time Hunter Strickland pitched to Bryce Harper, a long time later, he struck him out and that was the end of that.  No more fighting.  No more charging the mound.

Everybody can learn something from this.  Don’t argue.  Don’t fight.  You will get kicked out and you won’t be able to play.  If you can’t play, you can’t win.

I love playing baseball with my cousin Carter.  He is a good catcher.  I’m a good pitcher when he catches.  He probably learned to catch from his older brother Davis.

Karson and Carter planning out strategy, photo by Cathy Jones