Think in the Morning is delighted to have David Dephy recognize our new novel, Behind The Locked Door.  Dephy’s short story,  Before The End, was one inspiration for our novel.


David Dephy Gogibedashvili, is a Georgian/American poet, novelist, essayist, performer, multimedia artist and painter, and the founder of the first Georgian poetic order Samkauly. He is the author of ten novels and 12 collections of verse. His short story “Before The End” was chosen for inclusion in the anthology Best European Fiction 2012, edited by  Aleksandar Hemon and prefaced by Nicole Krauss, and published in the U.S. by Dalkey Archive Press.

Dephy’s first book-length work in English, the 2014 novel All the World’s Mysteries, is forthcoming in Spring 2019 from MadHat Press with a translation from the Georgian by Adham Smart.   Wikipedia



Before The End can be read in the anthology Best European Fiction 2012.  We are proud and honored that Mr. Dephy wrote the following about our book:


Here is the special news – Happy to say the novel Behind The Locked Door by David Herstle Jones is off to a good start. You can purchase the book on the website Gallery Books, the Book Loft on Main Street in Mendocino, or online at Amazon … AND I am surprisingly pleased that the author was influenced by the short story Before the End (Dalkey Archive Press, Chicago, USA — Best European Fiction 2012) So honored and thrilled to be in the great company of the influencers such as Ken Kesey, Ambrose Bierce, Jorge Luis Borges, D. H. Lawrence, Tobias Wolff, Abram Tertz and Oliver Sacks. The names and works are mentioned in the forward the book. Thank you Mr. David Herstle Jones we wish you the unforgettable journey Behind The Locked Door! 🇬🇪სიახLOVE🇺🇸Kethy Artistic Freedom Initiative   David Dephy on Facebook


We recommend Before The End for those who are interested in where some of ideas that led to Behind The Locked Door originated.