At This Point In Time


There have been no blossoms

during the entire election season.

The slight limbs of trees

and plants

bend from the weight of

closed buds.


There is no color.

Bees remain sullen in the dark intricacies

of their swollen homes

hung like ancient faces

outside the hut of an African headhunter.


Smartly dressed

the President walks into the meeting

of the commission appointed to study

the lack of blossoms.


He’s fresh off the golf course

having just missed the shooting of an intruder

who scaled the White House fence.

The commission is chaired by a pigmy

wearing a flowered shirt from



The President

is embarrassed by this pigmy in a flowered shirt

and has no statement for the press.


The meeting is

quickly recessed

due to the collapse of the Central States Pension Fund.


Last to leave the room

the pigmy is unaware

that the flowers on his shirt

have been eclipsed by a giant tidal wave

resulting from an earthquake

in Equador.