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Karson Jones is 6 years old.  This is his second story on Think in the Morning


I first found out about the White Pass & Yukon Railway in a Mighty Machines video that you can watch at the link below.



The White Pass is my favorite train. I like all trains like the Santa Fe, the Durango and the Chama trains.

I really wanted to go on the White Pass train but we didn’t get to. It took too much time. It was a long train ride going from Skagway, Alaska to Carcross, Yukon, starting in the United States and ending in Canada.

Seeing the Mighty Machines movie sparked my interest in trains. Later I watched two movies about the White Pass Train. I liked watching the train and listening to the music.



I started making lots of drawings of trains. In January 2018 I drew a train with 2 engines and 5 passenger cars. Then I made a steam engine, a coal car, 4 passenger cars and a caboose on the end.



Someday I’d like to ride on the White Pass train, maybe on a summer vacation.



This is the online site for the White Pass train where you can find out all about it. There are lots of links and pictures you can find there.