The Lion waits outside the door

Enticed by the smell of fresh meat

Within, the brothel whore

Prepares the substance of her treat.


Green eyes smiling

Lion claws the lock.

Opening, beguiling

Answering the knock.


Babylon sister

Tears at his skin.

Rips the mane from his throat

Sucks the dark blood in.


Helpless, he surrenders.

But it’s win win.

When she drags him by his leg

Toward her lair


To be consumed at her leisure

He asks “Is this what you wanted,

To live in a house that is haunted

By the ghost of you and me?”


She says “So, Mr. Cohen,

I don’t think I’m goin’

To like

Your vulnerability.


To which the Lion says

“I’m tired of tryin’

You won’t hear me lyin’ anymore.”

Then he shuts the door to ennui.