This is a bonus post, a live recording of The Mendocino Gong Show at the Sea Gull Cellar Bar recorded 10-20-1982.

The Gong Show was a one-night only extravaganza at the upstairs Cellar Bar.  We packed the house so we opened the dining room and the downstairs cellar and broadcasted the show over closed circuit TV.  All three rooms were packed.  It was the largest crowd ever in Sea Gull history.  The recording is a bit long and chaotic but for those of you who were here at that time you may see some old friends.

Napkin artist Jack Haye is the Master of Ceremonies.  As I recall it was Lenny Laks who came up with the idea and convinced me to do it.  The judges were Peter Lit, Larry Fuente, and Ellen Callas.  Some I recognize in the video are Harold (Henderson?), Neva Beach, Mike Evans and the Surf Sluts, Gabi and Uta, Janet (Davia) Russell, Doug Nunn, Tracy and Pam, Sally Stewart, Bob Avery, Bob Seaver, The Cave Martians, Jerry the Gypsy, Chris Nolty, Chris Lloyd, Meridian Green (see comments below).

We will add other names to the list over time.  Let us know who you recognize.  Send us your stories and comments to