Between the Days

Between the days that fill a life
You jammed your youth into a socket
With just a nerve to register
Beneath some skin that fits a body
Beneath some hair and sweat
With just a nerve to register
What, left unnoticed, moments passed.

Between the words that make a promise
You promised your youth to the lean and strong
To the unfaltering who never flinch
Whose eyes are set in marble white
Whose hearts and heads are riveted well.
You promised your youth forever more
And paid the price of an aging whore.

Between the shrouded head of death
Layered in, wound up with spite
You spit out your youth.
He laughed at your face with his leathered grin
And danced as he spun the layers out
And off on a road all of white
He journeyed out into the night.

Into the light of day he rose
Like an Angel naked above the Sea.
Free at last of the swaddling clothes
Full of boundless energy.