It is a giant sloth

From the Montana wetlands

Whose Siberian ice mask melted.

Nothing but another dinosaur

Resurrected by the enthusiasm

Of funny little scientists

Compelled to work.


Displayed in the museum

Munching along between these giant lobsters and sharks

He looks rather silly,

Like a snake without skin,

Bare wires exposed,

Muscles jumbled up on a bed of hot coals

Waiting to be consumed by a tribe of

Modern cavemen.




Mass shootings

Nonsensical social media.

Dinosaurs can be careless.


It isn’t the end

But the beginning

You should be interested in.

There are no answers here.

They require too much work.


In a Sloth full world

Digging is discouraged, science discredited.

The path of least resistance

Is to let the truth

Stay buried.