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One of the enjoyable consequences of writing this blog is the comments I get. Of course, I also get a lot of spam. Since inception I have received on my website 2818 spam comments and 357 legitimate comments. The spam is a minor annoyance and it takes a bit of time to delete it constantly but I suffer through that for the occasional gems that come my way. [I also appreciate the comments you send via email or on my Facebook Page or on Twitter.]


Doctor Harold Robinson

Early on I wrote a blog on Harold Robinson (link above) and posted it to my website. I received a few comments at the time. Yesterday, over a year later, I received a comment posted to a different blog (Poems – 6). I am pasting the comment below for all to read who have any interest in Harold. The comment links to two letters Harold wrote at the end of WWII as described in the comment. Harold was an amazing man—intelligent, kind, observant, funny—as any of you know who met him. The links provided with the comment allow access to Harold’s letters. I hope you will find them as interesting as I do. I feel almost as if I was there with him on the USS Lansdowne watching history unfold in Tokyo Bay. Enjoy, and please, keep your comments coming !



My father recently passed away and the lawyer handling his estate sent me a big bundle of photos, scrapbooks, and letters. Included were copies (apparently copied on a Navy typewriter by a yeoman) of letters written by my mother’s cousin Dr. Harold Robinson, Ltjg, while he was serving on the USS Lansdowne in Tokyo Bay during the Japanese surrender ceremonies on the Missouri. The Lansdowne was the ship chosen to shuttle the Japanese delegation to and from the Missouri. I found through google that you had written a nice piece about Dr. Robinson, so I thought you might like these —


Harold Robinson Letter 1

Harold Robinson Letter 2