I like to read. I like to write. I like to write about reading and writing. Short stories, essays, opinions, and ideas will show up here. Anything that can be expressed in words is fair game. Random thoughts and spontaneous remarks may be posted on Twitter or Facebook and from time to time expanded here. William Blake claimed that his poetry was not necessarily a work that he created, but something channeled through him. I’m no William Blake and I make no such claim. J. M. Keynes aptly described the source of my ideas: “Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back.”

Poems – 5

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The Coffee Shop

[Click on BLUE text to link to more information]   “We’re poets and we drink coffee!” (attributed to Roberto Bolaño in The Savage Detectives)   The word “coffee” appears 71 times in the The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño. It’s reasonable to think... read more

Poems – 4

  Most days on our Think in the Morning Facebook page and on our @ThinkInTheMorn Twitter page we post a poem.  Usually I also post information on the poet on my David Herstle Jones Facebook page.  If you want to read these daily poems, please visit our Facebook... read more

Guest Post: Raven Man by Mitchell Zucker

  Think in the Morning occasionally offers Guest Posts that we think our readers will enjoy.  Raven Man is a short story by Mitchell Zucker.   RAVEN MAN by Mitchell Zucker   Uncle Dean’s not my real uncle but he might just as well be. He’s the old... read more

Short Fiction: Women Alone

  Think in the Morning occasionally posts our own short stories and poems. If no other author is referenced, the work is ours and ours alone. Our fiction and poetry is a work in progress.   “It was a great shock to us all.” Janet was standing outside the... read more

Short Fiction: Margaret

Visit the Antony de Senna website HERE to see more of his exquisite work.   Think in the Morning occasionally posts our own short stories and poems.  If no other author is referenced, the work is ours and ours alone.  Our fiction and poetry is a work in progress.... read more

Poems – 3

  Think in the Morning tries to post a poem on our Facebook page every morning.  Often the poem has a connection to those early hours when we are most productive.  The poems need not be the “best” work of the chosen poet, but they must move us in a... read more

Poems – 2

  Think in the Morning continues to believe in the importance of reading a poem every day.  If you “Like” our Facebook page, you will see a poem posted there every day.  We collected our first two weeks of selected poems in Poems – 1.  This is... read more

A Little on the Small Side

  Here is another post from my Puerto Vallarta compadre Gil Gevins.  If you like this you should definitely check out his books (see below). And, if you travel to Puerto Vallarta, be sure to visit Lucy’s CuCu.  For those of you not familiar with the airport... read more

Poems – 1

  Most days you can visit @Thinkinthemorning on Facebook and view a poem we’ve chosen to start the morning.  We have assembled some of the poems posted thus far.  We will post a additional pages of poems from time to time. Most Americans don’t encounter... read more

The Watchful Eyes of the Censors

  [Click on BLUE links for further information]   “Where they burn books, so too will they in the end burn human beings.” Heinrich Heine, Almansor     Censorship has many faces: burning books, burning witches, burning heretics.  While not as... read more

A Chicken is a Chicken is a Chicken

  As a financial adviser I always told my clients diversification was a wise policy.  In the spirit of diversification I’ve teamed up with my good friend Gil Gevins from Puerto Vallarta to provide some spice to my enchiladas.  I’ll be posting a few of... read more