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What I’m Reading November 26, 2016

Waking up early is a productivity method of rising early and consistently so as to be able to accomplish more during the day. This method has been recommended since antiquity and is now recommended by a number of personal development gurus. The philosopher Aristotle... read more

What I’m Reading November 25, 2016

I’m a morning person.  People sometimes ask me why I get up so early.  It’s peaceful in the morning when it is still dark outside and the world is asleep.  My concentration is at its best.  I have a cup of coffee and start reading.  I feel like Forrest Gump whose... read more

What I’m Reading November 23, 2016

The following links provide information from third party sources.  They do not represent the views of Think in the Morning. I have always been a morning person, but now I find myself getting up between five and six a.m. every day. I feel like I am stealing daylight... read more

What I’m Reading November 22, 2016

The following links provide information from third party sources.  They do not represent the views of Think in the Morning.  What I’m Reading provides a variety of opinions on important matters of interest to normal and abnormal people who are willing and able... read more

What I’m Reading – Election Special

If you want some perspective on the recent Presidential Election, I suggest you visit Global Macro Monitor, a very useful financial blog maintained by my good friend, economist Gary Evans.  Start with Our Quick Analysis of the U.S. Presidential Election which is... read more

Oliver Sacks in Oaxaca

Written over fifteen years ago, Oliver Sacks’ Oaxaca Journal is still one of the best books for visitors to Oaxaca. I was confused to read that one reviewer thinks that: “Sacks did not go into the depth I might have expected based on the insight he displayed in... read more

What I’m Reading September 25, 2016

Why Blog ? The Benefits of Writing by Ben Carlson Jennifer Egan on Writing, the Trap of Approval, and the Most Important Discipline for Aspiring Writers Money Thoughts Reckoning Comes for U.S. Pension Funds as Investment Returns Lag The Pension Gap Inequality is... read more

The Last Zapotec Princess

The executioner lifts the macuahuitl and points it toward the sky.  Donaji lays on the stone altar, her neck extended, slightly bent, fully exposed to the powerful thrust she knows is to come.  She is a Zapotec Princess, the last.  She will give her life for her... read more

Some Traditional Markets of Oaxaca

NOTE:  ALL MARKET PICTURES IN THIS POST WERE TAKEN AT THE FRIDAY MARKET AT EL LLANO BENITO JUAREZ PARK UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED.   Oaxaca abounds with traditional markets.  The grand market of the city, Central de Abastos, was brilliantly described by D.H.... read more

Restaurant Review: Tobaziche

Tobaziche (WEBSITE) is a great little find in Oaxaca, just a few blocks from the beautiful Santo Domingo Church, right across the street from the historic Quinta Real hotel at 307 Cinco de Mayo.  We stumbled onto this restaurant a year ago after a rousing performance... read more

Mezcal Brings Out Cow Hollow Eatery’s Oaxacan Roots

Delarosa, the immensely popular bar and food hangout on Chestnut Street in the Cow Hollow District of San Francisco, has pulled off one of the greatest food heists of all time.  Styling themselves as an Italian bistro with pizzas, salads, skewered protein, Panini... read more

What I’m Reading August 11, 2016

“I am better off than he is-for he knows nothing but thinks he knows, while I neither know nor think I know. . . . If you say to me, … you shall be let off, but upon one condition, that you are not to inquire . . . in this way any more, and that if you are... read more