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The Complexity of Hypocrisy in the Age of Donald Trump

Dante and Virgil, on the right, watch the hypocrites, wearing lead-lined cloaks, filing past the high priest Caiaphas, who is nailed to a cross on the ground.  Caiaphas was the priest who said that Christ should die.  Each hypocrite steps on Caiaphas as he passes.... read more

Calm Down and Shut Up: The Politics of Lao Tzu

  [click on blue links for further information] NOTE:  All translations of Lao Tzu are from Ursula Le Guin or Witter Bynner unless otherwise noted.   You might say that I’ve been a mess of emotions since the November election.  The candidate that I least... read more

Martin Luther King Day 2017

  Today we celebrate the life of an American hero.  One day is not enough.  I suggest you contemplate Dr. King’s life and accomplishments throughout each year at moments that arise spontaneously whenever you are confronted with racism, sexism, or any other... read more

President’s Day Thoughts

  [click on blue links for further information]     As my friends and family know, I’m a bookhound.  I’m also an unabashed political freak/nerd/addict.  I’m no authority but I have watched every presidential election since Eisenhower versus Stevenson. ... read more

Tre Piatti: Food and Art in Puerto Vallarta

  [please click on blue links for further information]   “Everything we do turns to shit in a few hours.”  James Larsen, owner, The Restaurant, Fort Bragg, CA     Tre Piatti is a regional Italian restaurant in the heart of the Zona Romantica in... read more

Muriel’s Raicilla

[click on blue links for further information]   “Long ago my grandfather used a Canoe to cross the bay from Pizota to Sayulita or to Vallarta to sell it.”  Muriel Castillon   I first tasted Raicilla in 2010.  I was spending a few days with my family at... read more

New Years 2017 Napkin Art Special

[click on blue links for further information]     First, a few facts about New Years: The date of New Year’s Day seems so fundamental that it’s almost as though nature ordained it. But New Year’s Day is a civil event. Its date isn’t precisely fixed by any... read more

Some Optimistic Reads On Christmas Day 2016

[click on blue links to read the article and for further information]   Pollyannish: A person regarded as being foolishly or blindly optimistic.  [after the heroine of the novel Pollyanna by Eleanor Hodgman Porter (1868-1920), American writer “Never short... read more

We Are The World

  During these coming holidays, let’s remember that America IS Great.  Turn your speakers on, click on the link below and remember We Are The World.  Check your EGO at the door and listen all the way through.  Happy Holidays from Think in the Morning. CLICK... read more


[click on blue links for further information] Dickens Quotes courtesy of The Telegraph   “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen [pounds] nineteen [shillings] and six [pence], result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual... read more

Two State Parks and a Red Tailed Hawk

  “I do not think it is an overstatement that it appears just as important for California to have Mendocino preserved and guarded against encroachments as it was for Virginia to have Williamsburg restored and protected.”  Civil History Chair of the Smithsonian... read more