Every day is a blessing from God.  And I consider it a new beginning.  Yeah, everything is beautiful.

Prince  (link here)


Four reasons why our economy will thrive under President Trump

In January, we will have a Republican Congress and a Republican president, who should cooperate to pass laws that will free up capital for businesses to hire and create jobs.

We will also have a pro-business Democratic dealmaker, Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, as Senate minority leader.


Dear Jack

On the subject of checking egos, what special right or expertise allows me to teach a young person anything about the world anyway? None! I had sex with my wife one time and poof, I was a Dad. Perfect readiness and wisdom weren’t—and still aren’t—part of the deal. That first year of fatherhood was the scariest of my life. “Wait-wait-wait,” I thought. “I’m the role model now?”


The Man Who Invented the World’s Most Important Number

“Back then the market was small and run by a few gentlemen,” Zombanakis says. “We took it for granted that gentlemen wouldn’t try to manipulate things like that. But as the market was getting bigger, you couldn’t trust it. You couldn’t control it. Banking now is like a prostitution racket run by pimps. There’s just too much money involved.”