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Staying informed is a constant struggle 

for most of us, let alone people with high-profile, high-pressure jobs. There’s usually not time to leisurely read a favorite paper over coffee.  Yet catching up on news is an important part of what’s often a very early morning for many of the world’s most successful people.


Reading is my Passion

Reading is my Passion


Paul Manafort is Back

“I am not one to knock honest greed,” William Safire wrote at the time, “but never has rainmaking seen such moneymaking … I’m not sure any other candidate would have brought him back, other than Trump”


We Can Learn A Lot From The Economics of Star Trek

What would the world look like if everybody had everything they wanted or needed?


Star Trek Economics is just True Communism Arriving

I think that the future has a far more radical transformation in store for us. I predict that technological advances will actually end economics as we know it, and destroy scarcity, by changing the nature of human desire.


Donald Trump and the Sense of Power

To satisfy his voters, Trump must find ways to redistribute power over income, not just income itself, and not just by taxing and spending. He has expressed only limited ideas here, like subsidizing school choice to improve education. But powerful economic forces such as technological innovation and lower global transportation costs have been the main drivers of increasing inequality in many countries. Trump can’t change this fact.


Four (or Five) Novels to Prepare you for Life in Trump’s America

… since these are all novels constructed by talented, intelligent writers, they’re bound to make a hell of a lot more sense than anything our next few years of messy reality are likely to serve up. We wouldn’t exactly call any of this escapism, but maybe you’ll pick up some ideas.


Our Driverless Future

“How quickly can we get this into people’s hands? If you read the papers, you see maybe it’s three years, maybe it’s thirty years. And I am here to tell you that honestly, it’s a bit of both,” he told an audience at Austin’s South By Southwest Festival in March. “This technology,” Urmson went on, “is almost certainly going to come out incrementally. We imagine we are going to find places where the weather is good, where the roads are easy to drive—the technology might come there first. And then once we have confidence with that, we will move to more challenging locations.”


80% of IT Jobs can be Replaced by Automation, and It’s Exciting

[Hat Tip: Gary Evans at Global Macro Monitor]

Most people think that AI can only takeover manual, blue collar jobs — like driving taxis and delivery trucks — which makes Khosla’s predictions surprising even to an audience of IT professionals (who are obviously farmilar with career trends in the IT sector). But the Silicon Valley billionaire isn’t alone in seeing a future of AI in white collar industries, perhaps as doctors, lawyers, and accountants. And now, as IT guys.