Imagination and Reason in the Time of Tragedy: Lao Tzu, Voltaire, Blake, Camus, and Marquez

  [Click on BLUE link for sources and further information]   “It is certainly the day of...

Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.

- William Blake

Poems – 9

  As is our custom, this is the ninth posting of poems and napkin art first posted on our Think in the Morning Facebook page.   Private Alamo Tom Chandler   O’er the ramparts I watch you come gallantly streaming, buckskin cornlikker stinking of... read more

Guest Post: The Swan and the Sculptor by Mitchell Zucker

  Think in the Morning loves to post stories and articles by our friends.  This is the fourth story we have posted by Mitchell Zucker.  It is a beautiful story that we know you will enjoy.   Mitchell Zucker © 1990   A young sculptor was walking through... read more

What About the Grandkids?

  I grew up in small town America and look back nostalgically at what I now know was a privileged and cherished childhood.  While I lived in a one-parent home and money was tight, I had everything I needed.  In spite of the rural agricultural landscape, I had... read more

Poems – 8

  [Click on BLUE LINK for more information]   Think in the Morning posts a poem with a sample of napkin art on our Facebook Page every day.  This is the 9th post on our website of accumulated poems.  Other poems and links can be found HERE:  Poems – 7... read more

Think in the Morning – Splat in the Afternoon

  [Click on BLUE links for more information]   A few months ago I was climbing down a rickety ladder from a loft in my house with a box of files precariously balanced on one hand, the other hand guiding me down the wobbly rungs of the ladder.  My... read more

Tell Me Again, Why Is It Called Happy Hour

  [Click on BLUE links for further information]   Dedicated to the Sea Gull Cellar Bar staff Don Andrews, Bob Avery, Dick Barham, Bill Bradd, Allison Browne, JoAnne Clark, Bruce Clawson, Terry Johnson, Nancy Cragin (Milano), Janet Morris, Becky Dodds, Gary... read more

Poems – 7

  [Click on BLUE links for further information]     Think in the Morning posts a poem and a selection of Napkin Art every day on our Facebook Page (search for @ThinkintheMorning).  This is the 7th group that we have consolidated on this blog. Poems – 1... read more

Harold Robinson Revisited

  [Click on BLUE links for further information]   One of the enjoyable consequences of writing this blog is the comments I get. Of course, I also get a lot of spam. Since inception I have received on my website 2818 spam comments and 357 legitimate comments.... read more

The Downside of Inheritance

  Matthew 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?   Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.  Barry Switzer   “Money isn’t everything,” said my mother, “but it... read more

Poems – 6

  [Click on BLUE links for further information]     On Think in the Morning Facebook page we post a poem every day with a selection of Sea Gull Cellar Bar Napkin Art or a photo. To receive these daily poems and napkin art on Facebook, “Like” our... read more

Short Fiction: Madge

  Madge and Walter.  They lived in an apartment close to the office.  I’d see them walking sometimes, Madge sprinting out in front at a furious pace.  Walter following behind tangled up with Junior, their slobbering Basset Hound.   Walter was a heart attack... read more

Guest Post: The Parolee by Mitchell Zucker © 1979

[Click on BLUE links for further information]   THINK IN THE MORNING COMMENT:  When I turned seventy and retired, I decided to do only what I wanted to do.  No more doing what I thought I should do or what others thought I should do.  Others includes both family... read more