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Between two Earthquakes

  [Click on Blue Links for more information]   If you want to help Oaxaca, visit the city.  Oaxaca is ready to welcome you.  You will help the locals and you will help yourself.   Think in the Morning found ourselves between the two giant earthquakes... read more

Oaxaca Earthquake Damage Extensive: Urgent Support Needed

  The recent earthquake in southern Mexico has resulted in the loss of hundreds of homes and dozens of lives.  One of the more dramatic sets of before and after pictures is of the government palace in Juchitan in the state of Oaxaca.       Think in... read more

What About the Grandkids?

  I grew up in small town America and look back nostalgically at what I now know was a privileged and cherished childhood.  While I lived in a one-parent home and money was tight, I had everything I needed.  In spite of the rural agricultural landscape, I had... read more

Poems – 7

  [Click on BLUE links for further information]     Think in the Morning posts a poem and a selection of Napkin Art every day on our Facebook Page (search for @ThinkintheMorning).  This is the 7th group that we have consolidated on this blog. Poems – 1... read more

Poems – 3

  Think in the Morning tries to post a poem on our Facebook page every morning.  Often the poem has a connection to those early hours when we are most productive.  The poems need not be the “best” work of the chosen poet, but they must move us in a... read more

Poems – 2

  Think in the Morning continues to believe in the importance of reading a poem every day.  If you “Like” our Facebook page, you will see a poem posted there every day.  We collected our first two weeks of selected poems in Poems – 1.  This is... read more

A Little on the Small Side

  Here is another post from my Puerto Vallarta compadre Gil Gevins.  If you like this you should definitely check out his books (see below). And, if you travel to Puerto Vallarta, be sure to visit Lucy’s CuCu.  For those of you not familiar with the airport... read more

Poems – 1

  Most days you can visit @Thinkinthemorning on Facebook and view a poem we’ve chosen to start the morning.  We have assembled some of the poems posted thus far.  We will post a additional pages of poems from time to time. Most Americans don’t encounter... read more

A Chicken is a Chicken is a Chicken

  As a financial adviser I always told my clients diversification was a wise policy.  In the spirit of diversification I’ve teamed up with my good friend Gil Gevins from Puerto Vallarta to provide some spice to my enchiladas.  I’ll be posting a few of... read more

The Complexity of Hypocrisy in the Age of Donald Trump

Dante and Virgil, on the right, watch the hypocrites, wearing lead-lined cloaks, filing past the high priest Caiaphas, who is nailed to a cross on the ground.  Caiaphas was the priest who said that Christ should die.  Each hypocrite steps on Caiaphas as he passes.... read more

Calm Down and Shut Up: The Politics of Lao Tzu

  [click on blue links for further information] NOTE:  All translations of Lao Tzu are from Ursula Le Guin or Witter Bynner unless otherwise noted.   You might say that I’ve been a mess of emotions since the November election.  The candidate that I least... read more