The Sea Gull Restaurant was a popular hangout in Mendocino during the 1970s and 80s.  Lots of things happened there, good and bad. I knew sooner or later this would all be converted to words. On this page you will find stories, experiences, and reflections on my time at the Sea Gull. Pictures, articles, art, and more will be posted as they become available.  If you were an employee or customer during that time and have pictures or experiences you want to share, send them to me at Don’t expect this to be a foodie site. I might from time to time venture into the joys of mezcal or review a favorite restaurant or offer up a recipe that I’ve found tasty, but my primary purpose is to document some of the happenings at the Sea Gull during the 70s and 80s for the benefit of those senior citizens whose memories have been repressed. Enjoy!

Cellar Bar Napkin Art Christmas Special

  Think in the Morning is not a fan of Christmas.  The Scrooge portrayed by Dickens in A Christmas Carol has always seemed a bit of a wimp to us, relenting at the end because of a few silly ghosts.  However, we know that we are likely at the eccentric end of our... read more

Sea Gull Cellar Bar Remembered

  This article was copied from the Mendocino Beacon, December 1976, just after the fire that destroyed the restaurant.  Unfortunately a portion of the article was lost.  Otherwise, it appears as it was published in the newspaper.   Sea Gull Cellar Bar... read more

Two State Parks and a Red Tailed Hawk

  “I do not think it is an overstatement that it appears just as important for California to have Mendocino preserved and guarded against encroachments as it was for Virginia to have Williamsburg restored and protected.”  Civil History Chair of the Smithsonian... read more

Keynesian Economics and the Sea Gull

[click on blue links for more information]   All you need to know about Keynesian economics can be summed up in one statement:  What goes around comes around. Several years ago, I came across a small isolated town and stopped for gas.  Being an economist, I... read more

Special Thanksgiving Napkin Art Edition

I first learned about San Pasqual, patron saint of cooks and shepherds, from my friends Gil and Lucy in Puerto Vallarta where I purchased the wood carving at the top of this post.  I will be writing a piece on Gil and Lucy soon.  There are many sources online that... read more

Drunkards, Fools, and the United States of America

Marlene Hall, the previous owner of the Sea Gull Restaurant, once told me that God protects drunkards, fools, and babies. Or, maybe it was my friend Judy Johnson. Actually, I think they’ve both used the phrase in my presence. A little googling revealed that a similar... read more

We Cracked Pots Have A Sense Of Humor

  [click on highlighted links for further information]   When everyone is insane, ‘Tis folly to be wise (Paul Samuelson, 1970 Nobel economist rephrasing Thomas Grey)   If you can keep you head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you... read more

Home Cooking

[Click on highlighted links for videos and more information.] In the 70s we had Opal’s Silver Spoon Café on the Lily Tomlin show and Mel’s Diner in ALICE. Today these have morphed into the Food Network. A pinch and a shake are no longer the norm. Recipes are... read more

The Wanda Tinasky Affair

There are strange things done in the midnight sun By the men who moil for gold; The Arctic trails have their secret tales That would make your blood run cold; The Northern Lights have seen queer sights, But the queerest they ever did see Was that night on the marge of... read more

The Last Zapotec Princess

The executioner lifts the macuahuitl and points it toward the sky.  Donaji lays on the stone altar, her neck extended, slightly bent, fully exposed to the powerful thrust she knows is to come.  She is a Zapotec Princess, the last.  She will give her life for her... read more

Some Traditional Markets of Oaxaca

NOTE:  ALL MARKET PICTURES IN THIS POST WERE TAKEN AT THE FRIDAY MARKET AT EL LLANO BENITO JUAREZ PARK UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED.   Oaxaca abounds with traditional markets.  The grand market of the city, Central de Abastos, was brilliantly described by D.H.... read more

Restaurant Review: Tobaziche

Tobaziche (WEBSITE) is a great little find in Oaxaca, just a few blocks from the beautiful Santo Domingo Church, right across the street from the historic Quinta Real hotel at 307 Cinco de Mayo.  We stumbled onto this restaurant a year ago after a rousing performance... read more